About Us

Elevator Drawings & 3D emerged from one man’s dream to create Designs that were elegant, functional and geared to enhancing his clients’ bottom line. Producing work of the highest quality and through the creation of some of the most innovative and effective online.

The way Elevator Drawings & 3D treats its clients has not changed since Day 1, said company Founder and CEO Mr. Lixan Matt. We treat every client's project as if it were our own and look to enhance our client's bottom line as if our bottom line depended on it... which, of course, it does!

We love creative diversity and are always looking for new challenges and the opportunity for fresh brand creation and design solutions. The functionality of all our drawing will always meet expectations and our work is guaranteed.

Elevator Drawings & 3D specializes on all type of elevator cabs designs:

  • Flush Walls
  • Raised Removable Panels
  • Panoramic Cabs
  • Change of Panels
  • Rails & Stiles
  • Swing Return Panels
  • Extended Dome
  • Door Types 1, 2, 3 speeds and accordion gates
  • Center Parting/Opening

Best Regards,

Lixan Matt

CEO of Elevator Drawings & 3D